Scientific Work

"Mathematics for me is a universal and adequate language of sciences,
and it is an example of how people of different cultures and backgrounds
can communicate and work together."
-- I.M. Gelfand


Essay on the Moscow Gelfand Seminar Simon Gindikin

On Gelfand and the Foundation of Noncommutative Geometry Alain Connes

An Overview of Gelfand David Kazdan (from his talk at the Unity of Mathematics Conference, 2003)

The Scientific Contribution of I.M. Gelfand Terence Tao


The History of Science: I. M. Gelfand's Seminar on Biology. From the publication Ontogenes. (in Russian only)

I.M. Gelfand's Seminar on Biology. V. P. Skulachev, abstract from Ontogenes (in English)

I. M. Gelfand as a Biologist Yuri M. Vasiliev

On Gelfand's work and the Birth of the Seminar A. S. Spirin (in Russian only)

Notes about a Scientific Life G. I. Abelev (in Russian only)

Gelfand on Mathematics and Neurophysiology Yuri Arshavsky

The Seminar of Gelfand and Tsetlin on Physiology M. B. Berkenblit (in Russian only)

Medical Informatics

I.M. Gelfand's Work in the Medical Field A. L. Sirkin (in Russian only)

Medical Informatics "as per Gelfand" Mikhail Shifrin (in Russian only)