Awards & Honors

Israel Gelfand is the recipient of many awards and honors.

The awards include:

  • Member, Moscow Mathematical Society (1935)
  • the State Prize of the U.S.S.R. (1951 and 1953)
  • the Lenin Prize (1961)
  • the Wolf Foundation Prize in Mathematics (1978)
  • Wigner Medal (1979)
  • the Kyoto Prize (1989)
  • MacArthur Foundation Fellowship (1994)
  • the State Award of the Russian Federation (1999)
  • The Leroy P. Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement from American Mathematical Society (2005)

He was elected a member of several Academies:

  • the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1964)
  • the Royal Irish Academy (1970)
  • the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A.(1970)
  • the Royal Swedish Academy (1974)
  • the Académie des Sciences of France (1976)
  • the Royal Society of Britain (1977)
  • the Academia dei Lincei of Italy (1988)
  • the The Imperial Academie of Sciences of Japan (1989)
  • a Lifetime Member of the New York Academy of Sciences (1999)
  • the European Academy of Sciences (2004)
  • Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. (now Russian Academy of Sciences)

Gelfand was a corresponding member of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences since 1953, and was elected as a full member in 1984.

He received the following honorary degrees

  • Honorary doctorate from the University of Oxford (England)
  • Harvard University (USA)
  • Sorbonne University (France)
  • University of Lyons (France)
  • Uppsala University (Sweden)
  • University of Pennsylvania (USA)
  • New York University (USA)
  • Scuola Normale de Pisa (Italy)
  • University of Kyoto (Japan)
  • He was awarded the Order of Lenin three times (1954, 1956, 1973)(USSR)
  • He was a President of the Moscow Math Society during 1968-1970 (USSR)
  • He was also an honorary member of the American Mathematical Society (USA)
  • He was also an honorary member of the London Mathematical Society (England)