From Others

"Israel Moiseevich saw harmony in any science. Probably, the most correct word about Gelfand is harmony. One had to see how Gelfand experienced, or "lived through" science; the same way he lived through classical music, and literature, and art, and a conversation with a five-year old child. And of course, people. All this was one, a whole for him. Israel Moiseevich did not divide everything into: work-- rest; science-- art; mathematics-- biology. Life is whole, and this is what he taught us. And this is amazingly right."

--Andrei Alexeevsky (from the Memorial for Gelfand at the Moscow State University)

From Natalia Zamolodchikov December 2009

An Impression of the I.M. Gelfand Memorial Tatiana V.Gelfand, December 11, 2009

Words on the Epoch of Gelfand Anatoly M. Vershik, October, 2009

from Doron Zeilberg Rutgers University (October 6, 2009)

from A. Zelevinsky (October 6, 2009: in Russian only)

A Tribute to I. M. Gelfand for His 80th Birthday I. M. Singer, 1993

Biographic Sketch Simon Gindikin, 1991

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